Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pinterest vs. DIIGO

After utilizing both Pinterest and DIIGO to explore educational sites and resources, I was able to better understand the various tools teachers have today to better access important and relevant information to improve their classrooms. I have outlined my findings below:


  • Visuals are used to represent websites and resources that are eye-catching and more easy to understand
  • Various boards allow users to organize pins
  • The website shows the other users and boards that have used the same pin you have posted
  • Users you follow are displayed in your home page as they pin new posts and create new boards
  • The website makes suggestions for people to follow and boards to view
  • Unable to highlight any important information 
  • Pins don't always provide immediate access to idea represented; Sometimes pin takes you to general website other than specific idea
  • The website displays the tags you have used for a more clear access to resources you need
  • You can highlight specific areas of the websites, making it easier to find relevant information in your resources
  • Provides clear and concise list of websites you have chosen, with the guidance of tags to more easily access what you need
  • Ability to follow others and see what they are posting
  • Website strictly provides links to websites you have bookmarked - doesn't automatically provide visuals
  • More difficult to follow members - have to verify yourself, which didn't work for every profile I tried to follow
  • No recommendations for people to follow or bookmarks to view

Though I have found areas in which I prefer DIIGO over Pinterest, I would have to say overall I think Pinterest is more effective in organizing my resources and relevant websites. The capabilities of DIIGO felt very similar to simply bookmarking a website on my Mac, minus the ability to tag. Though this is a valuable aspect of DIIGO, the tags I used were mostly the same, and it was hard to find specific tags to make the process effective. With that said, I feel Pinterest's use of visuals allows for a more interesting display of resources, and this eye-catching aspect to this is ultimately what makes the process easier and more enjoyable. 

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  1. It's good to have had experience with both, so that you can now make an educated choice or continue to use both but for different purposes.