Saturday, November 8, 2014


For this lesson I have used a video titled "One Semester of Spanish - Love Song". While my pursuits are in teaching ESL I found a lesson that I think could work for both ESL and a Spanish language class. Some of the NYS Learning Standards this could apply to would be LOTE2.ML1.Modern Languages which states that:

"Effective Communication involves meanings that goes beyond words and requires an understanding of perceptions, gestures, folklore, and family and community dynamics"

After watching the video, students would be asked to write down as many common phrases/expressions they hear in the video and translate. Under the guise of a "Spanish love song", students would have to explain how these phrases do not portray a love song, and how this expresses humor. Assessment would be based on whether students could understand that the video is humorous in that the common phrases being used do not portray romance or love.

For an ESL classroom, this may connect to ESL2.1 Language for Literary Response and Expression which states:

"Students learning English as a second language will use English for self-expression, artistic creation, and participation in popular culture. They will develop and use skills and strategies appropriate to their level of English proficiency to listen to, read, and respond to oral, written, and electronically produced texts and performances, relate texts and performances to their own lives and other works, and develop an understanding of the diverse social, historical, and cultural dimensions the texts and performances represent"

This lesson would work if the class consists of Spanish speakers. After watching the video, students would have to translate the Spanish phrases into English using correct tense and grammar. In addition, they would be expected to describe why the video is humorous as it describes a love song. Assessment would be based on whether students understand common phrases of English as they are expressed in Spanish, and if they see the humor being portrayed. 

While I could have used the video in it's entirety, I chopped the video for the sake of this module. I debated using a humorous video because it may not completely portray a classroom lesson, however I think it can still correspond to NYS standards in LOTE or ESL. I think that the humor being implied is one that requires understanding in both Spanish and English, as well as some cultural awareness. 

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  1. Another activity you could use with this lesson is to have the students list the gestures or objects he uses which indicate a love song and the words that he uses with these gestures which surely do not indicate a love song.